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Try Some Of Our Famous Chicken, Fries, Deli Sandwiches And More!
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A Secret Chicken Recipe

Our recipe has changed hands and been loved by customers for over 40 years. With a secret selection of ingredients and finesse, a bite of Pic Quick Deli chicken is bursting with unmatched flavor!

Try a delicious sandwich, sub, fresh seafood dish, or our crispy salads made right here in our deli! With our deli sliced meats, a Pic Quick Deli lunch or dinner is juicy, filling, and oh-so-delicious.

Our chicken is all-natural and only produced with no hormones or other additives.

Pic Quick Deli sells it for less!

Amazing Prices on premium beer
State minimum prices on tobacco
Deliciously priced chicken and eats


Micro Brew Center

Beer, Wine & Spirits

Keep coming back, keep finding new beer!
Our inventory changes monthly and we always source local micro-brews, brewers from around America, and from across the globe.

That means you can continue tantalizing your palate and expanding your beer repertoire!

Craft Beers
Find a huge selection of premium, domestic, import, specialty and seasonal brews here! We source brewers from across the globe and micro-brews from across the state. Inventory changes with the season and times, so you'll always find something new and hoppy.